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Develop, deploy, operate and scale up your robotics applications...


Extreme simplicity, hyper scalability, and closest to real experience

Unified Robotics

robolaunch features Cloud IDE, simulation environments and shared VDI to build intelligent ROS/ROS2 compatible robots easily.

Smart Operations 

Deploy your robotics software to the physical device without interaction. Execute configuration, management and monitoring of robots in run-time

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Start with robolaunch

robolaunch supports ROS/ROS2, robot development environment  in Python and C++, robot simulation in Gazebo, robot sensor data visualization tool using RViz, rqt and batteries included that frees you up from managing any infrastructure.

Software Development

Getting starting with robolaunch is so simple as a result of Git-Driven process. Just add your repositories and robolaunch clones, analyzes and extracts the ROS nodes, packages and topics for you. Then just focus on developing new functionalities using the Cloud IDE.

Robotics Simulation

robolaunch’s VDI service enables you to test, design robots, train AI systems and much more with GPU-accelerated cloud-scale simulations that will save you on time and cost rather than expensive field testing of robotics application.

Deploy Robots

After developing and simulating your robotics application on cloud, you can deploy your application to the physical robot(s) in different sites remotely via DDS Router and Kubernetes capabilities of robolaunch. Plus gain insights and full control over your robot(s) in run-time.

robolaunch for whom?
There are many ways to leverage from robolaunch platform. Anyone who builds commercial or non-commercial robotics solutions with ROS/ROS2 can increase their productivity with robolunch offerings.


Reduces the entry barrier for building robot applications on top of ROS&ROS2. Just start with a single click without worrying about the infrastructure. Reduce your computational expenses by the help of cloud services and just pay-for-use.

Universities & Institutions

Robotics teams, R&D groups and robotics instructors can experience seamless collaborative development experience through CloudIDE and shared VDI through the platform. Perfect for increasing collaboration and development across people and teams.


Ability to develop and test multiple use-cases with ease to increase the quality of the application, deployment of new features to the distributed fleets constantly and reducing the time-to-market. Multi-site robot communication and monitoring for full control and insights.
Underlying Magic
robolaunch provides various features for ROS developers to build intelligent robotics applications. Develop and scale up your ROS robots in a simple way!

Git-Driven Robot Orchestration

Add your repo and Robolaunch does the rest for you

Node Decomposition 

Decomposition of ROS nodes for running robots in hybrid mode (both on cloud & hardware) 

Development Suite

VDI service for Cloud IDE and GPU accelerated simulation operations

Multi-Site Communication

Multi-location DDS communication, tracable DDS network traffic and shaping

Enhanced Data Insights

Monitoring robot details such as performance, health, fault and etc. for full control

Enterprise Grade Security

Multi-point VPN across different locations and isolated resources

Multiple Robot OS Support

Development with both ROS and ROS2 is supported

Multiple Ready to Use Robots

AgileX Limo, Linorobot2, Franka, ROSBot, Jackal, TurtleBot and Solo 12

Cloud-Scale Storage

Provision, clone, package, backup/restore and encrypt all robotics assets
Why robolaunch?

Massive Productivity

Quickly turn robot designs into real products


Decomposition for distributed robotics networks
Production Grade

Production Grade

Deep insights for just in time actions


End-to-end open and secure architecture

Robots in action

Build multiple use-cases for different industries like mining, manufacturing, public safety, inspection.

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Application Areas
Building robotics solutions for various scenarios is much more easier then before with robolaunch! Focus on your application functionality for different use cases without wasting time on managing the infrastructure. Unified platform for developing, deploying and operating robots.


Autonomous scanning for plant health, weed mapping, planting and seeding, and etc...


Indoor material transport (goods-to-person& person-to-goods), order picking, remote facility operations, and more...


Site monitoring, security patrol in both indoor and outdoor environments, autonomous scanning of hazardous places, and many more use cases...


Research of navigation, localization and mapping, position control, point operation and many more...

About Us

We're team of 10+ dedicated open source lovers who develop better integrated, interoperable and scalable robotics solution. robolaunch is inspired by Kubernetes, ROS, Autoware, CNCF and Autosar and their communities.