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Robotics Development.

Challenges in Robotics Development

Robots are doing incredible things nowadays. There are a variety of different robots solving different problems in logistics, agriculture, health, and so on.

Robotics developers are doing absolutely amazing in creating sort of robots by solving incredibly difficult problems core to the application, core to the robotics. They have got a lot of hard work to actually solve. What is kind of untenable is how much other work they have to do which is not core to their jobs. The idea of robolaunch was born exactly based on this problem. Let’s examine the drudgery works which robotics developers have to deal with. Getting the environment setup, laptop setup, server setup to do an actual development and ensure consistency across each member of the development team in order to have the very same development environment, so that when you are deploying your robot there are no mistakes.

Getting Your Development Environment Ready

There is a wide range of options for picking operating systems, programming languages, libraries, and side tools which take remarkable time when it comes to installing these. If a developer is not lucky enough to finish his/her setup without any error, then it is even worse. Also, developers need to take into account the dependency of these packages and version compatibility between them. This situation is not efficient as the robotics developers are spending a significant amount of their time on these kinds of drudgery works instead of putting their effort into solving hard real-life problems.

Having a Powerful Workstation

Developers should be provided with powerful enough workstations so that they can do their core work without any issues that might interrupt their development processes. But the thing is, in our age, hardware technology is lagging behind software technology and hardware becoming outdated extremely quickly. That is to say, developers need to follow these new trends and change the development workstation in a couple of years to stay updated, and this means that developers going to repeat the process of environment setup again.

New Era of Robotics Development

Multi-Option Development Kit

You can surpass all of these problems by changing a  single thing in your life, which is, starting to use the robolaunch cloud robotics platform as of now, so you won’t have to be worried about it again. Robolaunch offers perfectly configured different development environments equipped with programming languages, libraries, helper tools, and a ROS distribution (ROS Melodic, ROS Noetic, and ROS2 Foxy) of your choice. With all of these, you have access to the functionality you will need for developing a production-grade robot. Not to mention, you do not need to give a thought about installation errors, updates, version compatibility, and so on.

Development Environment on Cloud

robolaunch supports GitHub integration and offers its users a Cloud IDE for their use. Cloud IDE is a browser-based integrated development environment hosted on the cloud. It is suitable for development in Python and C++ with its various extensions. This means that you can either start a new project from zero or continue the development of an existing project. If you choose to start a new project from zero, you can immediately start developing your code on Cloud IDE and after completion, you can save it in your private storage or push it to a GitHub repository. If you have an existing project and you want to migrate it, you can git clone this project’s repository using integrated terminal sessions and modify your code or ROS-specific files like launch and URDF using Cloud IDE and push it back to the GitHub repository.

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