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Robotics use cases you can create by leveraging robolaunch’s capabilities is limitless! robolaunch provides you the end-to-end infrastructure to develop your own intelligent robotics solutions from idea to production. 

These are just a few of the use-cases that can be implemented on robolaunch to give the inspiration to create your own robotics applications.

Robolaunch-Cloud Robotics-B2B (1)


  • Automated spraying with Computer Vision AI
  • Disease detection using deep learning, image classification and image segmentation methods
  • Livestock health monitoring
  • Aerial survey and imaging with AI
  • Automatic weeding with Computer Vision combined with ML algortihms
  • Automated harvesting and predicting the best time for harvesting
  • Automated sorting and grading with Computer Vision 



  • Monometer detection in oil&gas and chemical facilities
  • Location correctness detection of fire extinguishers with robots
  • Inspection to detect humans in dangerous and hazardous locations and alarm alerting for potential danger
  • Automated inspections in energy plants, video and telemetry data collection and machine learning algorithms to anomaly detection, inconsistent readings, corrosion, or other items requiring additional inspection
  • Autonomous robotic inspection of hazardous and hard-to-reach places in power production and distribution plants
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Robolaunch-Cloud Robotics-B2B (6)


  • Image recognition, AI and drones to identify suspicious or stolen vehicles
  • Machine learning for analysis of seized text-based media to identify potential intelligence
  • Perimeter patrolling with robot for security checks
  • AI-generated patrol live stream
  • Multipoint surveillance system of a drone swarm to monitor for and detect criminal behavior
  • Face and soft biometrics to detect suspicious behaviour, identify criminals, and search for persons of interest


  • Flexible grasping with Deep Learning
  • Industrial assembly tasks with reinforcement learning
  • Assembly line visual inspection with drones for catching defective products in order to fulfill quality requirements
  • Camera-based solutions for quality control and process optimization
  • Handling and picking goods in a warehouse to fulfill orders
  • Order picking AMRs to picking and transporting of goods (goods-to-person)
  • AI-powered predictive maintenance

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Robolaunch-Cloud Robotics-B2B (4)


  • Machine learning to diagnose infectious disease
  • Automated speech recognition, text-to-speech, gesture recognition
  • Hospital logistics operations such as delivering medications, lam samples, laundry
  • AI guided robots for assisting patients and medical practitioners
  • Providing social care for patients
  • Real time case prioritization and triage
  • Heart rate estimation by observing the video stream of a person’s face


  • AI enabled algorithms to adjust paths dynamically, based on stored knowledge of the warehouse’s workflow
  • Inventory automation with drones
  • Order picking automation
  • Parcel sorting automation
  • Pick and place with deep learning
  • Automated transporting of materials in a facility
  • Automated forklifts to transport pallets
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