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Frequently Asked Questions and Solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find below some frequently asked questions and answers to them!

What is Robolaunch?

Robolaunch is a Cloud-Native Robotics Platform which provides developers a unified solution for building robotics applications based on ROS & ROS2. In this scope, Robolaunch features developing & simulating on cloud via VDI infrastructure that uses GPU power, deploying robotics application to the physical robot or fleet of robots remotely and operating the robots’ status in a run-time

What can I do in Robolaunch platform beside from robotics development and simulation on cloud?

You can deploy your application to a physical robot or fleet of robots remotely with Robolaunch and manage your robots' status in runtime through platform's dashboard.

Do you support any different simulation environment other than Gazebo?
Currently we only support open-source Gazebo simulation engine since Gazebo has a perfect integration with ROS framework. But, we are planning to support  different simulation tools in future releases such as Unity, CARLA, Ignition, Nvidia Isaac Sim and more. Stay tuned for product updates!
Do I have to be an advanced robotics developer in order to use robolaunch?

Not at all! Robolaunch is suitable for many user personas independent of beginner or advance. Individual developers, robotics teams in Universities&Research Institutions or enterprises like robot manufacturers can benefit from platform for improved productivity.

Do I need to install any software on my local computer for robolaunch to work properly?

No, you do not need to install any software on your local computer. Only thing you need is a browser to start developing with robolaunch platform. Every software needed to develop an end-to-end robotics project have already beeen seamlessly integrated to robolaunch!

Can I use robolaunch on my mobile devices (smartphone or tablet)?

Unfortunately for now robolaunch cannot be used on mobile devices such as smartohones and tablets. We continue to work in order to provide mobile device support in future releases.

Do you provide integration with Github?

Yes, we provide integration with Github. Development cycle is driven by Git through out the platform, so you can just start with adding your repositories. After that, you can edit code, debug, build a new robotics software from scratch and upgrade from Cloud based integrated development environment (Cloud IDE) individually or collaboratively via platform’s VDI solution.

What is the Robolaunch pricing model?

You are only charged for the hours you use the Robolaunch platform. Details are coming soon...